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Firecracker Pro!

1.1 usd

Happy New Year 2013! Do you like to ignite firecrackers? Do you love to see things being blown up? Look no further – you have found the definitve app!
Choose between a wide range of interesting firecrackers, each one featuring individual sound effects and unique designs. Enjoy realistic 3D graphics and physics, tilt, roll and ignite up to three firecrackers at once! Choose between various backgrounds and enjoy realistic damage and smoke trails. Prank your friends with the very unique Bomb Timer feature, allowing you to setup a countdown after which you screen will virtually explode - the perfect prank for New Year´s Eve!
Brand new version 2.0!
Thank you all for making our App the most popular App on New Year´s Eve 2012!To celebrate this huge success, we have completely redesigned the App! Here are some of the brand new features:
- Completely new, redesigned App- All-new 3D graphics, a whole new level of realism- New physics, tilt and roll your firecrackers- Unique firecrackers featuring real sound effects- Choose and ignite up to three firecrackers at once- A set of different backgrounds to choose from- A unique Bomb Timer feature: prank your friends with a screen that will blow up after a countdown you have chosen